All ages are welcome to join and explore the learning of how we can consciously interact with the Energetic Intelligence in our body.

Jut like having a dance partner, you learn your part and you learn how the energetic intelligence responds to you.

The dance fails if you take credit for what the energetic intelligence does for you.

Learn how to have the ability to travel in your body:

The Part of the Energetic Intelligence, it knows how to give you the ability to travel in your body.

Your Part, allow the energetic intelligence to create the experience of traveling and send you sensation of where in your body you are located. This will not work if you think you are the one that has to make it happen, you allow it to happen.

  • Being aware of the peaceful spot activates the imaging system making it incredibly easy to have images show up.
  • Traveling allows you to touch the nerves behind the eyes. If you can do this, what else is possible.
  • Experience being in the area behind your face so you experience the face as a mask. Traveling is the key to understanding that you are a consciousness inside the body.
  • Enter and remove yourself from the sensation in the skin of your face. Learn how we choose to experience sensations in our body.
  • Find a wall of energy just behind the face that radiates a quiet sensation
  • Find and hang out in and around the area of the brain stem. When you are in this area and think, "Compassion for humanity" or "Compassion for myself" your body will be flooded with compassion. When you travel to another part of the body and think the same thoughts, the sensations of compassion will not show up.
  • A unique place to have your awareness is underneath the area of the brain. Instead of just complaining of the noise your brain creates, go and hang out in a quiet place.
We hope that once members learn how easy it is to interact with different parts of the brain more information will be added by them on the energetic's of the brain.

The prerequisite for the neuroplasticity club is laughter club in the first

If you can allow laughter to occur you can allow activation of neuropathways.

Keep in mind that it takes repetition to create the neuropathways to form a mini intelligence in your brain to make the traveling as easy as breathing.