Walter Ness
chi-energy researcher

Walter Ness has developed an amazing sensitivity to chi-energy. He has been aided in his curiosity by his clairvoyant abilities and other chi-energy sensitive individuals.

While going to technical college he had a 4.0 average in the first year-and-a-half year but he could not understand the topics he was learning because he was only able to memorize text. Whatever he memorized would disappear from his memory within a short period of time.

Years later he realized that he did not have the ability to see images of the material he was studying. Images allow a person to have a deep understanding of a subject matter.

It was while researching how the brain works energetically, that he discovered a spot in the middle of the brain that gave him instant access to images. It is this access to images that was the begriming in practical application of how to activate neuropathways inside the brain that give a person greater mental abilities.

Walter Explores the activation of neuropathways using awareness and chi-energy with the assistance of Linda Clave.

Because of his early learning disability Walter is dedicated with the understanding of how the mind works to create intelligence and how chi-energy can be used to create wisdom.